October 21, 2020

How Families Use Home Theaters to Save Money on Entertainment

Many families are starting to consider investing in home theaters. This is because they are finding that as their entertainment budgets decrease, the prices of the things that they love to do together actually increase.

This is especially true when it comes to the price of seeing a movie. In most places, even a matinee costs around $7.00. A ticket to see a movie at night costs an average of $10, and can cost more with the premiums attached to movies in 3D.

Between filling the car up with gas, the cost of tickets and the price of movie theater snacks, a family of four can easily find themselves paying $100 or more for a night out. Home theaters, on the other hand, allow a family to enjoy movies in the comfort of their own homes for far less than what it would cost to go out.

family home theatreHome theaters used to be somewhat expensive, but with the technology changing on a regular basis it is now possible to get a good system for less than you might think. Every time the “next new innovation” in plasma TV or flat screen is released, the previous models are sold at reduced prices.

The same is true of sound equipment. Once you have your system set up, you do not have to go to the movies to get the pleasure of the movie theater experience.

In order to get the most for your money, you need to choose your equipment wisely. First, consider what you already have. If you have a DVD player already, for example, there may not be a need to get that piece of equipment.

Also, it is not necessary for good speakers to be expensive, so shop around and find the ones with the best sound quality that fit within your budget.

You can save money on movies by using a monthly subscription to streaming video services or having rental videos home delivered. If you enjoy older movies from time to time, you can also borrow movies from the library to watch at home.

Some people decide to install their new home theater systems themselves to save money over hiring a professional. However, it is a better idea to go on and allow someone with the knowledge and skill set to do the job.

family home theatreIf you accidentally break something while installing it, you have no recourse as far as returns are concerned because most places will not accept returns on items that were damaged due to misuse or negligence. A professional installer will have less chance of breaking anything and will probably have some kind of policy about replacing anything that does get damaged.

Also, it is important to make sure that your equipment is placed correctly for optimal viewing and sound quality. Being able to tell you where to place your equipment, as well as being able to set it up and make sure that everything works makes hiring a home theater installer worth the money, especially when you consider how much money your theater will save your family on entertainment in the years to come.

In this economy, people are trying to save money anywhere they can. Home theaters are a great way to take advantage of new technology while still keeping your family entertained.…

October 4, 2020

Credit Fixes to Help You Get a Mortgage

Bad credit makes it difficult to get a mortgage so you can purchase a home.

You can, however, get a mortgage with bad credit by improving that credit score quickly.

There are several steps you can take to improve your credit score fast:

Pay your bills on time. This may seem obvious, but if you make sure no more bills of yours are 30 days late, you are on the way to improving your credit score. Just one year of on-time payments will help you get a mortgage with bad credit.

Pay down your revolving credit accounts. Getting your credit card balances below 30% will have a big impact on your credit score. Do not, however, pay your credit cards off or close those accounts. You need to show that you have access to credit, but don’t need to use it all.

credit score improvementNurture your oldest credit accounts as a positive and long credit history will improve your score. If you have old credit cards with a positive history that you haven’t used in a while, use them again so that your history will be updated with the credit bureau.

Dispute any negative history. A disagreement with an old phone or store account can result in a collections item on your credit history.

The good news is that after several years pass, you can dispute the charge as unjust or not valid. Collection companies are seldom able to verify these old accounts due to mergers and lost files and will have to remove them from your credit history.

Make sure your credit card limits are reported properly. Make sure that the credit card company is reporting your credit limit properly. For example, if your credit limit is $1000.00 and your limited is reported as $500.00 it will look as if you are close to maxing out your credit card when you are not.

Ask your creditors for a favor. If you have a good working relationship with a lender or debt account, ask them to adjust what they have reported to the credit reporting companies. They may erase one pay payment, or re-age an account in arrears to remove delinquent history, helping you to get a mortgage with your previously bad credit.…