“There is much focus on the distinction between nonviolence and violence, between nonviolent people and violent people. But in reality it is not that easy to take sides like that. One can never be sure that one is completely on the side of nonviolence or that the person is completely on the side of violence. Nonviolence is a direction, not a separating line. It has no boundaries.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Since Nonviolence is no absolute “Towards a Nonviolent World” indicates the direction that I want to work in; it is the vision that I strive for. When I think of all the violence in this world and how normal and accepted it is, I can feel despair. Instead of sitting down, I decided to use that feeling as a motivation to become active and try help taking steps to a world that I want to live in. Towards a Nonviolent World is also ‘a work in progress’, and so far three training courses for youth workers have been the result.


The idea of Towards a Nonviolent World, “ToNoWo” in short, originates from participating in a program that used to be offered by the “Metta Center” in Berkeley, California USA. This program, “Metta Mentors”, was a 10 week long intensive introduction to nonviolence, existing of weekly workshops, an internship at a local NGO and practical activities. All geared to learn and practice nonviolence as a way of life.


Under the training tab on this website you can read about the training courses that we completed and are planning for. The first ToNoWo training course took place in August 2015 in The Hague (Netherlands). For 12 days youth workers from Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands, came together to learn more about nonviolence through non-formal education methods. The second training in August 2016 was again in The Netherlands, 8 days, and participants from nine different countries. The third will take place in the UK, in November 2016.


Single workshops

Besides this training program, I also offer single workshops. The workshops I can offer shed more light on what nonviolent power is, how we deal with violence and how we can solve conflicts and work on social justice with nonviolent strategies.

I cooperate with the ‘Peace Academy’: a newly formed platform of peace education trainers. If you wish to participate go to the contact page to send me an email.


Since last year I decided that to update people about three or four times a year with a digital newsletter. The previous editions can be found below.

Spring Update (Apr. 2017)

Happy Holidays (Dec. 2016)

First Newsletter (Oct. 2016)



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