Become a Peace Builder

ML King drawing&quote

Participants of Towards a Nonviolent World (ToNoWo) will work on their abilities to become a Peace Builder: At the end of the training, they can contribute to society in a positive way to be the change they want to see in the world (according to the famous words of Gandhi).

ToNoWo is a project that increases awareness, knowledge and skills to create a more peaceful and loving world. First it is important to examine assumptions about violence and nonviolence. Violence is often accepted or ignored, while nonviolence and peace are seen as unrealistic. We want to offer people a new perspective and learn skills that they can use both at the workplace, in the streets and in their personal lives. Currently there is no attention for such education in universities, and there are very very few organizations in Europe that work towards these goals. 

ToNoWo is based on the idea that nonviolence is a way of life, an integral philosophy with practical implications in fields as diverse as: Social Justice work, Environmental work, economics, journalism, art, and last but not least, personal development and transformation. You can read more in the this sub-menu “Our approach”.



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