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December 3, 2020

Efficient Money Saving Moving Tips

Moving on the cheap? Looking to save time, money, and energy?

I’m a professional mover. I don’t move people for money. I’ve simply moved frequently.

I spent most of my adult life as a struggling single parent. Translation? I rented a lot. When you rent, moving frequently is a given.

Ownership changes, rent fluctuates, etc. When you rent as a single parent there are other factors such as transportation, good schools, and reliable daycare to consider.

I had to be clever on my budget and in my situation. Believe me, I am the queen of efficient money saving moving tips.

Don’t buy boxes from the moving company or truck rental place.

They cost less at home improvement stores. You can get small ones for less than a dollar each.

Better yet, get them for free at local businesses. Start saving boxes as soon as you know you’ll be moving.

The best boxes are small apple boxes from the grocery store. They’re sturdy and keep load weight down.

Keep your clothes in the dresser drawers.

Dresser DrawerCarry drawers separately to save your back.

This tip keeps you from buying more boxes.

It also means your clothes don’t need to be packed or unpacked.

Just leave them right where they are.

Take out the drawers full of clothes.

Put the dresser on the truck. Put the drawers back in and you’re good to go.

Save time for professional movers.

Their time is money. The more efficient you are about packing, the less time it will take them.

If you’re moving yourself to save money, the same rule applies. Get your packing finished by the day before you move.

Label everything. Put a red X on any box containing things you need right away. Unpack the rest at your leisure. Smooth move.

Move furniture first.

Want to hear my best moving tip? Get the big stuff over with first.

By the end of the day, you’ll be moving slower. That’s no time to tackle large items.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to stack boxes on a couch than to stack a couch on top of boxes.

Put your furniture where you want it on the initial move to save your muscles in the days to come.

Use payday loans when in need of emergency cash.

online payday loansIf you were going to use your own car for moving and it suddenly broke down, fix it as soon as possible instead of using professional movers.

Apply for a payday loan if you don’t have enough cash to pay for the car repair.

It’s going to be cheaper, anyway.

Don’t move junk to your new place.

Moving things you don’t need is a waste of time, energy, and money.

Why waste gas transporting broken or unwanted items? Have a yard sale or make donations as you pack.

Get rid of anything non-sentimental that you haven’t used in six months.

Your back will thank you. Plus, you’ll be done moving much faster.

Pack items you don’t use far ahead of moving day.

This way you can start packing several weeks or even months ahead.

When we started house hunting, we started packing storage items and decorative things right away.

Each day, we packed a little more of whatever we could do without. Moving day was quick and relatively painless.

If you use it together, pack it together. It’s efficient and money-saving. Moving tips like this one are familiar to old hands like me.

When you unpack the television, you’ll need the remote.

Nothing like buying a new remote because you can’t find the old one (only to find it packed with the entertainment center decor months later).

Have a meal plan for moving day.

packed mealNo, I don’t mean an order that expensive pizza or fast food.

That wouldn’t save you much money.

Chances are, your dishes are packed.

Save money by making a picnic lunch before you pack the dishes.

It’s far cheaper than fast food.

Plus, what could be nicer than a celebratory picnic in your new home on moving day?…

October 21, 2020

How Families Use Home Theaters to Save Money on Entertainment

Many families are starting to consider investing in home theaters. This is because they are finding that as their entertainment budgets decrease, the prices of the things that they love to do together actually increase.

This is especially true when it comes to the price of seeing a movie. In most places, even a matinee costs around $7.00. A ticket to see a movie at night costs an average of $10, and can cost more with the premiums attached to movies in 3D.

Between filling the car up with gas, the cost of tickets and the price of movie theater snacks, a family of four can easily find themselves paying $100 or more for a night out. Home theaters, on the other hand, allow a family to enjoy movies in the comfort of their own homes for far less than what it would cost to go out.

family home theatreHome theaters used to be somewhat expensive, but with the technology changing on a regular basis it is now possible to get a good system for less than you might think. Every time the “next new innovation” in plasma TV or flat screen is released, the previous models are sold at reduced prices.

The same is true of sound equipment. Once you have your system set up, you do not have to go to the movies to get the pleasure of the movie theater experience.

In order to get the most for your money, you need to choose your equipment wisely. First, consider what you already have. If you have a DVD player already, for example, there may not be a need to get that piece of equipment.

Also, it is not necessary for good speakers to be expensive, so shop around and find the ones with the best sound quality that fit within your budget.

You can save money on movies by using a monthly subscription to streaming video services or having rental videos home delivered. If you enjoy older movies from time to time, you can also borrow movies from the library to watch at home.

Some people decide to install their new home theater systems themselves to save money over hiring a professional. However, it is a better idea to go on and allow someone with the knowledge and skill set to do the job.

family home theatreIf you accidentally break something while installing it, you have no recourse as far as returns are concerned because most places will not accept returns on items that were damaged due to misuse or negligence. A professional installer will have less chance of breaking anything and will probably have some kind of policy about replacing anything that does get damaged.

Also, it is important to make sure that your equipment is placed correctly for optimal viewing and sound quality. Being able to tell you where to place your equipment, as well as being able to set it up and make sure that everything works makes hiring a home theater installer worth the money, especially when you consider how much money your theater will save your family on entertainment in the years to come.

In this economy, people are trying to save money anywhere they can. Home theaters are a great way to take advantage of new technology while still keeping your family entertained.…