Results and videos

We had 23 participants from Spain, Romania, Poland, Germany, USA, Egypt, and South-Sudan. They all returned with a ‘toolbox’ or ‘backpack’ full of insights, new understandings, inspiration, and beautiful memories, to share with the world. One participant said: “I got more than I could carry in my backpack from this training course, but I will try to take some of the things and use them on my way.

While still working on putting all the evaluation forms and reflection-group forms together to present to you the learning of the group, what can be shared already are what the participants worked on during the 6th day of our training course:

A “mini”zine

A Theater Play

And new lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluja”

Moreover, the participants aim to work on the following topics, back home:

A Children’s camp to connect refugees & local population, A children’s camp where they learn about the harmful effect of labeling, A Nonviolence training for teachers, workshops about Conflict Resolution at university, addressing racism, and promoting disarmament & international dialogue.