The organization behind the implementation of the project(s) of Towards a Nonviolent World is the Dutch NGO Stichting voor Actieve Geweldloosheid (SVAG), or Foundation/Association for Active Nonviolence.

The aim of the Foundation for Active Nonviolence (SVAG) is: the nonviolent promotion of a just society in which people interact in a nonviolent manner with each other and the environment.

SVAG was founded in 1966. They have provided many publications and Dutch translations in the field of nonviolence and are publishing a Handbook Nonviolent Power for a Peaceful Society and a web-magazine ‘Together for Peace’ (in Dutch).

Nina initiated Towards a Nonviolent World and contacted SVAG, who has a long history of providing Nonviolence training, but did not implement training anymore since the last twenty years or so. Instead they focused on research and publications. Nina decided to start offering training and workshops once again, building on the expertise of SVAG and wanting to share the knowledge she gained individually through different organizations, experiences and study in the USA, India and Israel-Palestine.


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