What is nonviolence?

Of course I need to answer this question all the time… Kanai helped me to illustrate it for you!

 nonviolent-nina-PARTI-KL_KANAInonviolent-nina-PARTII-KL_KANAInonviolent-nina-PARTIII-KL_KANAI nonviolent-nina-PARTIV-KL_KANAI nonviolent-nina-PARTV-KL_KANAI

What I can add to this story is that we always try to touch the personal, interpersonal and community/societal dimensions. And there are many areas that nonviolence can be applied to, such as  education, (in- and outside schools exploring creating a culture of peace) media/ peace journalism, economy (think about local economy*, gift economy, time banking and other innovative ideas), environment (think of Transition movement, Environmental Justice, Permaculture), and governance (think of Sociocracy, Holocracy, participative democracy etc.). In summary: I see nonviolence as a pathway to systemic change politically, socially, economically, culturally and ecologically. For more inspiration see the Road Map developped by the Metta Center.



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